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I made this account to upload my mature art since other sites i used have become more strict and don´t allowed pornographic material anymore. Fuck that.

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So i thought it would be nice for the people that pay me in a monthly basis to let them know what are they actually paying for.  :v

Also since im making this post public, everyone else that likes the stuff im making can see this list and judge if its content worth of their patronage.

-First thing on the list are the COMMISSIONS: The people that are paying extra dough obviously gets priority, since we are on harsh times im a little more flexible in terms of the payments so if you want a commission but don´t have the means to pay at the moment we can talk in private and maybe we can arrange something. 

Anywho these are subjects of future commissions i´ll be making:


-Second topic on the list are ANIMATIONS: For a while i´ve been doing a rouge the bat hentai animation and its currently in its final stages of completion, probably by next week i´ll be releasing some progress pictures on patreon. I feel is not necessary to point out everytime i mention this but by the end of the animation the names of my current patreons will be engraved on the credits at the very end.

-Third topic on the list are VIDEOGAMES: You may not believe this simply because of all the stuff i already have on my plate but im currently working not on one but TWO videogames at the same time.

One of them is a shoot-em-up im working with some friends from collage. Work in progress pictures for the game are being sent to my patreons alongside HD pictures for the commissions. 

The second game im making is a visual novel on ren´py. Now this is something i have been doing in secresy for several months now, even before the quarentine started i was already taking time in the morning every day to write little chunks of the plot and because of the lockdown right now im fairly advanced on it. Currently im using borrowed assets so that´s why i haven´t shared anything of this even with my patreons, but once im done writting the story i will move on to draw actual assets for the game.


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